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Welcome to Sensual Dolls!

Hey everyone! We hope you are enjoying our site! We, Karla, Kimber and Renee have wonderful graphics for you to adopt and work with. We also have a button wall or "Favorite Links" page under Linkage. If you have a site or group and would like to do a banner exchange with us please go to that page and submit your info to us. If you make sigs or graphics and would like to show off some of your work, please go to the Gallery and submit your info to us. We would love to post your work with a link back or credit if you do not have a site. Thank you for reading and come back soon!

Site Updates


The website is no longer updated but it will remain up. There are pages of goods you can still download and view under Kimber & Karla. Feel free to take a look.


Layout and link banners have been updated. I also updated some of my pages and added 1 new request offer. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and we wish you all a fantastic New Year! *cheers*
Karla & SenDolls

I know, crazy. So many years have passed and our website was "left to be". We apologize for that but our lives did get busy and whatnot. Don't know if we will bring back Sensual Dolls "to life" but we will keep it open. Today, I have decided to update the layout. Please excuse the whacky mess.

Sorry it's been so long again! I haven't heard from Renee, so I am going to just set up a new layout ~ though it won't be Halloween themed ~ if you see non-matching designs and colors, you'll know why ;] Sensual Dolls will remain opened during layout update.

Great news! I am now able to fill requests. The bad thing is that I have only one request offer posted. The reason why I had to put a hold on my creations is that my computer decided to "break" and I have no way of getting to any of my files. I am now using my brother's computer and have to start all over again with things...Not cool, but oh well. Sorry if my section is a bit "bare". I'll do my best to get more things posted.

*ATTENTION* I will not be able to work on graphics or my part of this website until further notice. Requests will not be taken, so please do not submit any to me. I deeply apologize for this inconvenience.

Request pick-up ready for Pixie. You can find it here. I had trouble e-mailing it, so I have posted it on our website. Please let me know you have picked it up, as soon as you get them (there are two). Thank you Pixie :]

Added a new page of requestables (well, there's only one at the moment): Glitter Doll Signatures :] It's the first thing I've posted since like...forever! I'm sooo sorry about that. Also, I'm going to talk to Renee about us setting up a new layout for Sensual Dolls. We so need a new one, don't you think? ;]

Hi everyone! I just put up a new maker. It was a request that I come up with a PoleDance Maker! Go to the makers menu (scroll down a bit on the page) and you will see it! Enjoy,

Summer is here! Hope you're all going to enjoy it :] I have added some dolls for you all to snag! I have a few I am working on and will upload some soon!

Happy Spring to all! Hope you're all enjoy it :] I have (finally) added a new tag: Butterfly Notecard.

Our apologies to those that have requested and did not receive a reply and/or their requests in a timely manner. Your requests will be taken care of soon.
Sensual Dolls

Sensual Dolls is finally open, after a long while of revamping. There may still be some glitches in the coding, but all in all, things are working well. Hope you enjoy the new look.
Karla, Kimber, & Renee

Happy New Year! I have added two new dolls for request or snag on my page! Enjoy!

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If you have requested or used something from our website or simply enjoy what we have to offer, please link back to us. We appreciate your visit very much and hope you will visit us again, soon. Do not link to any page, other than our splash page. Thank you.

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